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In the last years, work has radically changed.

People experienced new and uncommon ways of doing their job, and got used to more agile working habits.

Flexibility has become one of the most valuable benefit for workers all around the world. But, at the same time, it’s not always easy to put into practice.

For companies, it’s a tough challenge to keep up with changes, and they struggle to meet the renewed needs of their employees.

“Our mission is to develop the
the best tools to make work flexible and people free to work at their rhythm and from the place they want.”

Riccardo Suardi, Founder at Nibol

Riccardo Suardi

Nibol was born in 2018, from a need of its founder, who, not being able to work from home, started mapping the best cafes with good Wi-Fi (now called Nibol Cafè) and spending there his working days.

Today Nibol is a team of young, ambitious and enterprising creatives who share the passion for creating a service that could positively impact workers’ lives.

A group of people who, facing every challenge, wake up every morning willing to reach that goal together.

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Riccardo Suardi, Founder at Nibol

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